Tiny Home Adventure Season Two (GoPro)

Productions assisitant / Filmer Position


GoPro has funded Tiny Home Adventure Season Two. My dog “Kicker” and I will be traveling the country for the next 4 months doing all kinds of different kinds action sports and adventures. I need someone to help capture the experience. 12 episodes over 6 months. I’ve already filmed two months.



  • 18+ years 

  • Familiar filming with GoPros

  • Photography/Videography skill set and mentality

  • Valid drivers licence

  • Hard working

  • Backcountry skill set/gear

  • Doesn't mind sharing small spaces

  • Clean and tidy

  • Expert level skier or snowboarder (backcountry savvy)



  • Proactively film to capture the story of Kicker and I traveling in a van

  • Maintain camera gear (Organize footage, charge batteries, etc)

  • Help edit/film Maverik specific edits. 2 per month Minimum.

  • Always be thinking about how we can better tell the story. 

  • Help drive and fuel the vehicle.

  • Maintain a clean and tidy living space.

  • Treat my camera gear the way I would treat it. Lens care, water damage preventions, Dirt and dust free, Etc.

  • Be sober and ready for early mornings, long days and cold nights

  • Help film/edit other small projects along the way.



  • You are expected to meet all responsibilities while maintaining a professional level of social media

  • Be an exemplary guest in all situations. Meaning we contribute more to any situation we are in then what we take from it.

  • Your work (Edits and Filming) must to a professional level or the best of your ability. No half assing projects just because it feels like work.

  • Projects must be done in a timely fashion. When a deadline is established project must be done two days in advances and revisions completed immediately.

  • Hard Drives and THA footage must be kept neat and organized and all in one place. So it can be easily found and reviewed.

  • Always be the 1st to be ready





$500 per month. Includes food, lodging. and one hell of an adventure! We are headed to British Columbia and Alaska for March-May. Then unsure of plans.



If you exceed expectations. There will be a bonus at the end of June anywhere from $500-$2000. This means you are proactive in getting the things I need done before I have to ask. 


Please email me with a Cover Letter and Resume

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