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Tiny Home Adventure Season Four

Lead Creative Position (Photographer/Videographer/Editor) for Tiny Home Adventure Season Four


Before we dive into the details we are looking for a someone hungry for adventure and learning. Someone who thrives in the outdoors and in challenging situations. Someone who represents the Tiny Home Adventure Brand. One of the biggest things is someone currently or that has the capability to live in their own vehicle full-time and work efficiently out of.








Job Outline:

We are currently looking to bring someone on-board as a full time videographer/photographer/assistant editor for Season Three of the Tiny Home Adventure Series. This means traveling full-time chasing adventures, experiences, projects, and more. You’ll be exposed to some of the most beautiful places on earth, meet some of the wildest people who inhabit it, and experience some of the craziest adventures. 

Future Plans:

Ford is giving us a 2-door Bronco Badlands for the next 12 months to film with. (at some point...)

Baja for the fall

Utah for the winter

Alaska for the spring


The ideal candidate

  • Hardworking, self-motivated, and always looking to get creative shots and tell the best story they can. 

  • Has at least two years photography and videography shooting/editing experience.

  • Getting the shot should come natural and be an inherent drive from within.

  • Has experience in the mountains and in water.

  • Can safely handle themselves (climbing, backcountry skiing, surfing, boating, first aid, etc).

  • Is excited to learn and take direction.

  • Is willing to work for the shot. (Early mornings, cold nights, long approaches and loves every minute of it... At least after the fact when we are looking at the insane footage we got!)

  • Ideally is currently (or at least capable) of living in a vehicle/camping for an extended period of time and working from the road.

  • Is fun to be around and easy going.

  • Is not a big drinker or partier. I have no problems if you like to indulge responsibly/occasionally as long as the work is the priority and it’s not a problem/negative impact on wellbeing/performance/mood. 


  • 18+ years old

  • Valid drivers license 

  • Honest

  • Ethical

  • Positive and fun to be around and easy going. The road can throw its curve balls.

  • Strong work ethic

  • Experience shooting/editing photo/video

  • Takes direction well

  • Can meet deadlines

  • Lives in or can live in a vehicle full time for six months minimum

  • Being a positive representative of the Tiny Home Adventure Brand

  • Up for almost any adventure

  • Good communicator


  • Shooting daily content 

  • Organize and backup footage

  • Help with logistics

  • Maintaining camera gear (cleaning lenses, charging batteries, dumping SD cards, etc)

  • Delivering content on deadlines (weekly mini edits)

  • Help manage YouTube channel (upload, backend, write descriptions, create thumbnail, promote, etc)

  • Random errands that support the team

  • Elevate brand and content as a whole



Starting at $1000 per month with the possibility of monthly raises based on performance plus all basic needs and work related expenses covered (food, gas, activities) for 3 months. After the 3 month period if our income has been elevated the rate will be elevated accordingly.


Incentives and revenue share:

  • Additional $100 per month every additional 10,000 YouTube Subscriber for duration of contract.

  • 50% of each additional brand deal brought to the table by you.

  • Any photos sold to brands outside of predetermined deliverables/deals are yours to negotiate and keep the proceeds. I will help facilitate anything you need to make more money from your work! 

I want to elevate each other and grow together!

After reading this and it seems like something you would LOVE to do please send an email to We are looking to hire within the month so please be honest and thorough. We will be contacting everyone within 2 weeks of receiving your email. Please copy and paste the filled out form below to your email. Feel free to attach a resume in addition to the form below. I really look forward to learning more about you!

  • Name:

  • Age:

  • Social Media Handles: (Links please)

  • Bio: What's your story? (1 paragraph)

  • Passions: What are you fired up about? What drives you? What do you like to do?

  • Pet Peeves: What gets under your skin?

  • Photo Experience: Years, gear, programs, etc (Please provide links to work examples.)

  • Video Experience: How many years? What equipment do you use? What programs do you use?, etc.  (Please provide links to work examples.)

  • Current vehicle/living situation: How long have you been in it? How do you currently work out of it? What's the longest you've been off the grid? 

  • Why do you want this job and how do you think you'll absolutely crush it?

  • Anything else you want to add?

  • Three professional references: Who can tell me about your work ethic and working with you? 

  • Three personal references: Who can tell me about the kind of person you are?

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